Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Million Dollar Mondays

    2. Database Organization

    3. What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

    4. Data Base Organization, The 555 Rule, The FORD Method

    5. Seller Price Adjustment/Update Confirmation

    6. Buyer Consultation

    7. Lead Conversion w/ Special Guest: Eddie Williams

    8. Lead Generation: What's Holding You Back

    9. Obtain Business Credit and Access Available Grants

    10. The Art of Negotiation

    11. Lending Practices & Building Your Brand w/ Special Guest: Nina Gonzalez VP of Mortgage Lending with Guaranteed Rate

    12. Metrics & Money (2024 Business Plan)

    13. When to Include our Partners- Its no longer Home Security, Its Smart Home Automation

    14. The documents you need for Listing a property!

    15. Who Not How: Accountability and Targeted Focus for Q1 & Q2

    16. The Economic Model

    17. Home Inspections w/ Guest Speaker - Ron Robins

    1. Home Buyer WorkShop

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